Driving Distracted... Not Just for Teens!
If you find yourself worrying incessantly about the distractions facing your teen-aged son or daughter each time they get behind the wheel of a car, then you’re not alone. Mobile telephones, text messaging, and car sound systems provide enough distractions for teen drivers, let alone all of the external factors facing them on the road.
Before you address the issue of distracted driving with your teenager, you better make sure you are practicing what you preach. Distracting driving affects adults just as much as it does teenagers, said Michael Czack, president of The Czack Law Firm.
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“In 2012 alone there were more than 3,300 people killed and another 420,000 seriously injured in automobile accidents nationwide, according to federal data. Like most states, Ohio has implemented bans on sending text messages while driving – with a focus on enforcing these laws,” Mr. Czack explained.
Ohio’s primary law bans all mobile phone use, hand-held and hands free, for novice drivers. Secondary laws ban text messaging for all drivers.
“Like teens, adult drivers need to know and understand that driving while distracted is the same as, and sometimes worse than, driving under the influence of alcohol,” Mr. Czack said. “Your risk of an accident increases four times if you are distracted while driving and it takes just a fraction of a second for the distraction to result in a catastrophe.”
“While I’ve represented dozens of victims injured or killed by fatigued truck drivers and drunk drivers, the numbers of crashes caused by distracted drivers is just staggering.” Mr. Czack advises parents to have open and clear discussions with their kids about distracted driving. Most important, set the right example and don’t text and drive yourself!
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