Thanksgiving's a time to reflect upon the many blessings for which we are so grateful. Your trust, support, and new client referrals to the firm are greatly appreciated, and continue to inspire us to provide the best legal services possible.
Family and sometimes friends help us
determine which path we take in life. When
I made the decision to become a trial lawyer,
I did so because it felt like the right path to
take at that time. As I realized at the age of
20 that my life’s path was not taking me to
the NFL, I decided to compete just as hard
off the field by making a difference in
people’s lives as a trial lawyer.
I knew going in that trial lawyers were blamed for many things (the subject of another newsletter), but for the past three decades I have built a solid reputation as a victims’ rights advocate one client at a time. I have no tolerance for truck drivers who text while driving, insurance companies that take advantage of their policyholders or companies that fail to enforce their own safety policies and procedures. I have worked tirelessly throughout my career to obtain justice for my injured clients and their families who were affected by such careless acts.
About The Czack Law Firm
The Czack Law Firm is dedicated to providing high-quality, uncompromising legal services, with a personal touch, to injury victims and their families. These services include: 
• Automobile and Motorcycle
• Commercial Truck and Bus
• Construction Site Accidents
• Consumer Rights
• Insurance Claims and
• Medical Negligence and
Surgical Errors
• Product Defects and
• Burn Injuries
• Sports & Recreation
Accidents and Injuries
• Traumatic Brain Injuries
• Work-Related Injuries and
Workers’ Compensation
• Social Security Disability
• Class Action Claims
• Animal Bites
• Inadequate Security
The strong values instilled in me by my
parents continue to provide the foundation upon which the Czack Law Firm is built.
These values also serve as a constant
reminder of why I chose the career path of
a trial lawyer.
You put your trust in us and for that we
thank you. On behalf of The Czack Law
Firm team, we wish you and your family a
blessed Thanksgiving, a happy Holiday and
a healthy 2015!
Michael W. Czack, President
The Czack Law Firm, LLC
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