Keep Your Tires from Becoming Tired!
As part of its commitment to consumer health and safety, The Czack Law Firm offers a free guide from the NHTSA, Tire Safety – Everything Rides On It
While you're driving your precious cargo to school, extracurricular activities, and sporting events, your tires are under pressure to deliver a smooth, safe ride for you and your family. Ensuring tire safety is a vital part of maintaining your vehicle so that you can optimize its performance and stability.
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Automotive experts agree that maintaining proper air pressure in your tires is just as important as
giving your engine a regular tune-up. With proper
air pressure, your tires will not only perform
better but they also will wear longer, save fuel,
enhance handling, and help protect you and your
family in a sudden emergency. When is the best
time to check tire pressure? To make it routine,
do it periodically at the gas station when you fuel
up your vehicle.
There are many consequences involved with failing to follow tire recommendations in the vehicle owner’s manual. “We see 2 or 3 tire-related crashes a year,” says Michael Czack, Owner of The Czack Law Firm, LLC.Between a national tire recall system that is broken, to people failing to maintain proper tire pressure in their own vehicles, motorists put themselves and their families at risk without even knowing it,” said Czack. Optimum tire pressure information and other data  is also located on the door jam of the drivers door.
So, what is the life expectancy of your tires? It is nearly impossible to predict based on their calendar age alone. If you notice your tires are starting to crack, and the tread surface is showing signs of extensive wear, then it’s time to retire your tires before your family’s next road trip.  
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