Injury Firms & New Case Acquisition?
What Most Law Firms Don’t Want You To Know!
It goes without saying that a regular influx of new injury cases is vital to a law firm's existence.  Firms get new cases in one of four main ways:
#1 Paid television or radio advertising
#2 Internet Pay-Per-Click advertising
#3 Direct Mail Solicitation programs
#4 Recommendations from current or past clients
As you've heard me say before, #4 above is the way The Czack Law Firm acquires new clients. We work extemely hard building the trust and respect of our client base which helps nurture a "new case referral" environment. Since its founding, The Czack Law Firm has implemented a strict “no advertising” policy. The Czack Law Firm gets new cases and clients the old fashioned way…by earning them!
Studies consistently show that the most reliable way to find and choose the right professional such as a doctor, lawyer or financial advisor is through a personal referral from someone who has prior experience with that person or business (You can read our reviews here). I've been able to turn down offers to advertise on TV and radio because of the loyalty and confidence shown by you in The Czack Law Firm.  
I am humbled to tell you that your simple but thoughtful act of giving my name and business card to someone you know who was injured in an accident means so much to me. Sometimes a client will say they didn't know if they should refer a new accident to me because I might already be too busy, or the case might not be big or serious enough for me to be interested. Please understand that no injury case or referral is ever to big, small or complicated for us to handle. Just give them my contact information and I’ll do the rest! After all, new cases are the lifeblood of the firm.

About The Czack Law Firm
The Czack Law Firm has dedicated over thirty years to providing uncompromising, high-quality legal services, with a personal touch, to injury victims and their families. These services include:
• Automobile and
Motorcycle Accidents
• Commercial Truck
and Bus Accidents
• Construction Accidents
• Nursing Home
Negligence and Abuse
Medical Negligence
Insurance Claims and
Product Defects
Sports & Recreational
Inadequate Security
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