Think You Have "Full Coverage?"
Think Again!
Is your insurance coverage glass half empty or half full? You may be surprised to learn that having full insurance coverage is not what you think it is – and it could leave you with empty pockets if not properly addressed.
Having sufficient automobile liability coverage and limits is
a necessity, said Michael Czack, president of The Czack Law Firm. “As a motorist, you always want to make sure you have enough insurance coverage to protect yourself should a claim be filed against you so that it doesn’t exceed the amount of your liability insurance coverage,” he said.
Full coverage isn’t necessarily a specific coverage offered by your insurance company. While this term is well known throughout the insurance industry, most insurance providers do not spell out specifically for their customers what having full coverage means.
Insurance providers commonly use the abbreviation PLPD – Personal Liability (PL) and Property Damage (PD). Personal liability coverage can cover another person’s injuries, pain, and suffering if you are at fault – and liable – in an accident. Property damage provides you with coverage in the event you cause damage (i.e., damage to another vehicle, a street sign, mail box, and dwelling) to someone’s property with your vehicle.
“Every motorist needs liability insurance and in most states this type of insurance is required by law,” Mr. Czack said. “You should discuss how much liability insurance coverage you need with your insurance agent or an attorney so that you have the maximum liability coverage possible to protect yourself in the event you or a family member is involved in a serious accident.”
Mr. Czack said a motorist never wants to be in a situation where they have a claim made against them that exceeds the amount of their liability coverage.
“You can protect yourself against a claim exceeding your liability coverage by having additional ‘umbrella’
coverage,” he said. “Umbrella coverage is essentially additional liability insurance. If you are in an accident and cause an injury to someone else, your primary insurance policies will pay up to their coverage limits. Any additional amount is paid by the umbrella policy -- up to the limit of
your umbrella coverage. Limits of liability of Umbrella policies can range from one million dollars to several million dollars. Premiums are surprisingly affordable.”
Periodically assessing your insurance coverage is a great
idea – and will help keep you and your family’s financial situation secure should you be involved in a serious accident.
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