The Czack Law Firm Selected to Help Fight Ohio’s Opioid Epidemic

80% of heroin users reported using prescription opioids prior to heroin.

At least 10 states and a growing number of cities and counties throughout the country including Ohio are filing lawsuits to make drug companies financially responsible for deceptively marketing and convincing doctors and the public that prescription opioids were safe and effective for treating chronic pain and carried a low risk of addiction. The suits argue that opioids don’t just cause problems when they’re misused, but also when used as directed by the manufacturers.

I am proud to announce that The Czack Law Firm, LLC has been selected to participate in this effort by joining forces with two large, nationally repected law firms, one here in Cleveland, and the other in New York. As you know, Ohio is being called the epicenter of this crisis.

We’re working with our co-counsel in cases filed around Ohio against major opioid manufacturers and their wholesale distributors. The lawsuits are being filed on behalf of Ohio counties and cities seeking to recover the significant sums of taxpayer money and other funds spent every year in fighting this crisis. These expenses include costs for police, fire and rescue services and additional training, addiction and rehab clinics and programs, medical and insurance costs, loss of employee productivity, child care and foster services, medical supplies such as Naloxone, etc. We are also seeking damages for future costs related to abatement of the crisis going forward, including prevention education and public service campaigns.

We have filed numerous lawsuits already around the State of Ohio and look forward to reporting our progress to you as we go forward.

Michael Czack
The Czack Law Firm, LLC